Gym Memberships – Do You Think They Are Worth It?

How many millions of people around the world have joined a gym in the hope of getting fitter, only to realise a few months later that they are financially worse off, with no signs of improvement in their health and fitness? Do you recognise this pattern? So, whether a gym membership is worth it to you probably depends on why you joined a gym in the first place, and whether your reasons have since changed. I’m sure the below is not an exhaustive list of reasons to join a gym / have a gym membership, but perhaps it’ll stimulate you to think about it.

Do any of these reasons sound familiar to you?

I want to be fitter/healthier – Is it working? Are you any fitter than when you joined? How do you know?

Getting fitter/healthier at a gym is more sociable – Have you made friends, found a good person/crowd to workout with? Does that help to keep you motivated?

To get professional support – How good is the Personal Trainer? Does he/she help you find your own motivation and set your own goals? Do you “gel” well with him/her? Are regular fitness tests used to monitor your progress? Do you have an exercise program that progresses over time?

They have equipment I need – Do you really need equipment to get fitter? There are loads of body-weight workouts on the web.

They have a variety of facilities/classes – Great reason; variety is important physically and mentally. Do you use the classes? Essentially, are you making use of the variety available, or are you paying for lots of facilities you never use?

Easiest place to exercise with built-in childcare – Another practical and good reason. If you can’t get someone else to look after the little one(s), it’s difficult to find time for yourself. Check out working out with baby on YouTube.

To exercise in a safe place – Great if it gives you the peace of mind that you need; that’s vital if you have a history of medical problems.

I like to pose – I’m not writing this for you!

What other reasons do you have? Ultimately it’s up to you to weigh up the benefits against the cost. But don’t let your gym membership cost you more than it benefits you; there are so many ways to improve your fitness, without paying to do it.

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