Money Transfer Service

Money transfer service is a service that facilitates transfer of funds for meeting personal as well as commercial remittances. People are finding different solutions to cope up with growing financial requirements. Hence, the organisations that provide an accelerating transfers are always accepted with a warm welcome by the customers. The service is available at all leading international banking branches, which facilitates fast, convenient and affordable way to transfer money from one account to another.

This service is available in different ways:

Bank money transfer service – Here, the transfer of funds takes by issuing Drafts, Cheques, and Pay Order in favour of the beneficiary at the request of the sender. This can be done by visiting the nearest branch during the working hours and fulfill all the prerequisites. You need to fill all the necessary details in pay-in-slip and submit the same to the bank officer. Remember to collect an acknowledgment for every transaction that takes place at the bank. The amount will be credited to the receiver’s account within three days of the deposit of the draft, cheque or pay order.

Online/Internet/Wire money transfer service – Well, this is an electronic money transfer service available almost anywhere in the world. Paperless, fastest and easiest money transfer can be done by just registering for the Internet banking facility. With the latest infrastructure like computer and internet you can send or receive money from overseas account to the account in your own country. You get an advantage to meet all the emergencies at any time of the day.

Credit card transfer service – This facility is available to all the credit card holders. If you hate writing cheques or getting the drafts made, credit card money transfer is something you would really appreciate. You just have to type in your receiver’s credit card number and the amount you want to send and your job is done. Your account is either debited immediately or you can schedule it to be debited at a later date. The money reaches your beneficiary’s credit card account within 2 to 3 working days.


o You are rest assured that the money is safely delivered to the receiver’s account without any hassles.
o You just need to input the correct details of the beneficiary and the transfer operation is further managed by the money transfer service 신용카드현금화 providers.
o The procedures are made easy to avoid any complications at the sender’s or the receiver’s end.
o The entire transaction is protected by highly secured computer system to ensure a quick payout and only to the right person.


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