Ruger AR556 – Ruger’s Latest Product

Ruger Ar556 pistol with 10.5  barrel and S&T Tactical Brace is the perfect compact and high quality gun, suitable for your next hunting or home protection handgun. The Ruger AR556 pistol is equipped with a S&T Tactical Brace to improve recoil control, accuracy and balance. It also incorporates the Ruger Mark II Adjustable Trigger. This system offers a high level of comfort while keeping the shooter’s trigger from interfering with their natural shooting mechanics.

ruger ar556 pistol

The Ruger Mark II Adjustable Trigger allows the shooter to control the amount of trigger pull pressure applied to the trigger by simply adjusting the tension knob on the side of the pistol. The Ruger Mark II Adjustable Trigger is compatible with both semi-automatic and fully automatic handguns. It is also compatible with all Ruger Mark II models.

Ruger AR556 pistol is a reliable, safe and highly accurate handgun. This handgun was designed with two primary objectives in mind; it must be reliable and highly accurate, and it must be easy to use and carry. Since Ruger has a very long history in the firearms industry and a great reputation for manufacturing quality firearms, this makes Ruger an ideal choice for an affordable Ruger Mark II pistol.

Ruger AR556 pistol has a high-performance motor and bolt system for a fast shooting experience and outstanding accuracy. A strong, lightweight, gas-operated design provides smooth, accurate cycling. It is lightweight so that it is easy to carry. Ruger pistol has an internal hammer that is operated by a pull of the trigger and is designed to provide both accuracy and reliability. It is made from heavy-duty, corrosion resistant, steel.

The Ruger AR556 is a new product in Ruger’s line of pistols. This rifle has been developed for hunters who prefer a small and light-weight rifle that is accurate, powerful and reliable. The Ruger Mark II Adjustable Trigger is making to increase the shooter’s trigger response and makes the trigger easy to control when using a rifle. It is made from heavy-duty, corrosion resistant, steel.

Ruger AR556 has a two-stage trigger with the first stage being heavier than the second. for more accurate firing. and is designed to operate in semi-automatic mode. A rubber recoil pad is included to reduce noise, and vibration.

Ruger Mark II Adjustable Trigger has a comfortable textured grip for a secure and comfortable shooting experience and to absorb the shock and stress caused by rapid firing. The rubber pad is made from hard-wearing, polypropylene material. The Ruger Mark II Trigger provides a smooth, comfortable feel when shooting.

A built-in locking bolt is used to keep the slide closed and maintain a steady shooting position. A one-piece, three-lug bolt assembly prevents the bolt from coming loose while the magazine is loaded and provides a snug, solid lock. when the magazine is empty.

The adjustable hop up system in the Ruger AR556 pistol helps to increase accuracy and gives a shooting experience that is truly exceptional. When a bullet hits a target at longer ranges, the air pressure increases, which results in a larger, faster expanding bullet. A spring-loaded, variable speed locking mechanism allows the hop-up to be locked and ready to fire as soon as the trigger is squeezed.

A standard size of 9.5 inches is recommended to use with a Ruger AR556 pistol. For most standard pistol magazines, the magazine can be used without any modifications.

The sights on the Ruger AR556 are made to withstand the stresses of continuous shooting and provide high accuracy. They have adjustable turrets with fully adjustable for windage. along with a large target reticule to allow you to quickly identify moving targets. and quickly eliminate them. With a red dot, the shooter can quickly zero in on targets in low-light conditions.

Safety is provided on the Ruger AR556 pistol for accidental discharges. The safety allows for manual reseting of the firing pin when the trigger is squeezed.

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