The Jasmine Guitar

jasmine guitar

When you look at theĀ jasmine guitar, the body and neck are the most important pieces of this instrument, with the bridge, tremolo and other tuning devices following. The overall shape and style of a Jasmine guitar are very unique as well and there are many different versions to choose from.

The shape of the guitar is quite different from most of the guitars available today, with the Jasmine guitar being unique due to its use of an arpeggio, a shape in which the body of the guitar is arched slightly. This shape is similar to the acoustic guitar but has a very distinct sound to it due to the raised sound waves. This unique style of guitar is quite similar to that of the acoustic, electric guitar, however, it also features the flat tuning of an electric guitar.

The headstock of the Jasmine guitar is shaped in a very similar way to that of an acoustic guitar and is made of mahogany. A large amount of attention has been paid to the fretboard, with the fingerboards being made with a high gloss and a rosewood stain to bring out the natural grains of rosewood, making it easier for the music to shine through.

The Jasmine guitar is available with either a round headstock or one that is made more rectangular. The round headstock is a favourite among many because of the unique sound that is created when the guitar is tuned, although many consider this type of headstock to be uncomfortable and therefore choose the rectangular option instead. The headstocks of the Jasmine guitars come in many different designs. The most common design is the ‘fretless’ headstock which features no headstock holes, however, it does feature one single hole which is used to tune the guitar.

The body of the guitar can be made from a variety of materials, the most common of which is mahogany and the body is then finished off with a lacquer which gives it a beautiful aged look. Another popular style of finish for the body of the guitar is the ‘chocolate’ finish.

The tremolo, which is similar to that of an acoustic guitar, is another unique characteristic of the Jasmine guitar and comes in two forms, the floating tremolo which sits up on the guitar neck in one piece of the body and the fixed tremolo which sits on the guitar’s back instead. In general, the floating tremolo is recommended for playing rock music but the fixed tremolo is often played for folk music and is quite famous with guitarists like John Paul Jones and Roger Waters.

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