The Role of a Manufacturer Representative

manufacturer representative, sometimes called independent sales reps or independent distributor representatives, is a person, such as a retail business, retail sales representative or manufacturer salesperson, who sells a manufacturer’s merchandise to retail and wholesale customers. This type of employee often performs a variety of duties, ranging from the simple task of finding retail locations and talking with the stores to more complex tasks such as providing product samples.

manufacturer representative

A sales representative is responsible for identifying potential business and contacting them to discuss their needs and explain the items they want to buy. He or she is not required to purchase the products; this responsibility falls on the customer. The sales representative will then go through all the details with the customer, which includes the features and specifications of the item, price, return policy and any warranty.

A sales representative is paid by commission on every sale he or she makes and will also be reimbursed for expenses incurred in locating a customer. The compensation for each commission is determined by the amount of sales the salesperson makes and his or her performance level.

An established manufacturer representative may have been employed by a company for many years. He or she may have earned several hundred thousand dollars per year. A new manufacturer representative must earn more than one hundred thousand dollars annually to be eligible for company compensation. A manufacturing company has different pay scales and promotions for different employees, including a manufacturing representative. A manufacturing company may pay a manufacturing representative a fixed salary or some percentage of the sales made, with bonuses being given for the best sales and a higher commission payment for higher sales.

Manufacturers reputations are usually well-established, since companies have invested considerable money to advertise and market their products. Therefore, a manufacturer rep has a number of options when trying to find clients. He or she can hire an advertising agency to do so. He or she can also approach businesses directly and request business.

The job of a manufacturer rep is not only to represent the manufacturer but to also develop their own independent products and to become the distributor of those products. Some manufacturers may require a distributor to sell the manufacturer’s own line. Others may ask a distributor to develop and market their own line. It is not uncommon to have the manufacturer we take a commission off the top of sales made through a distributor’s work.

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